Brinkmann Grills Parts List

Various models of Brinkmann gas and charcoal grills contain different features and parts. Most parts last the life of the grill, but sometimes outdoor corrosion or heavy use necessitates replacements of some parts.

All of the most common parts requiring replacement because of the heavy use are available through the Brinkmann website,

Charcoal Grate

Brinkmann charcoal grills contain special grates upon which charcoal rests. These sit near the bottom and inside the grilling chamber. These grates allow for an air pocket beneath the charcoal that fans the fire as oxygen passes through the grill vents. Without the elevation provided by charcoal grates, the coals smother themselves and burn out.

Cooking Grate

This is the surface upon which food cooks. Most Brinkmann charcoal models offer steel wire cooking grates that should be treated with vegetable oil grilling spray before use.

Some of the Brinkmann gas grill models offer porcelain coated grates, which retain heat more efficiently, resist rusting and offer more of a stick-resistant surface. Rust or cracking of the porcelain can necessitate replacement.

Gas Grill Burners

These devices concentrate the gas flowing from hoses and propane tanks into a series of small holes through which flames arise once ignited.

Brinkmann offers replacement burners made from cast iron and replacement side burners for grills equipped with special stove-like areas for skillets and pans. Though it's possible to clean these, corrosion and grease clogs over time sometimes require complete replacement.

Axles and Hub Caps

Parts commonly requiring replacement are the grill's axles and hub caps. The caps can break from wear if the grills are continuously moved using the attached wheel assembly. The assembly consists of two wheels, a steel rod axle, and two plastic locking hubs that hold the assembly together.

Parts Cards

Each Brinkmann grill, gas or charcoal, comes with a plastic-covered cardboard card affixed with nuts, bolts, plastic caps and other hardware used in grill assembly. The company sells replacement cards through its website in case any of this hardware falls off, gets lost during assembly, or becomes corroded after years of use.

Grease Cup

The underside of Brinkmann gas grills have special reservoirs to collect grease drippings from food. These devices, known as grease cups, last for years, but can be replaced through the company if lost or damaged. These easily slide off the grill for disposing of excess grease.

Ash Cups

The charcoal grill equivalent of grease cups are ash cups. Brinkmann charcoal grills have these to collect ash and small charcoal particles as the coal burns. Instead of staying near the coal and smothering flames, the ash falls through an opening in the bottom of the grill into the collection cup. The cup detaches from the grill for discarding of ash once it cools.

Temperature Gauges

These gauges attach to holes in the hoods of both gas and charcoal grills and smokers, measuring the core temperature of the grilling chambers. Knowing and monitoring the cooking temperature is essential to adjusting heat to desired levels for various barbecuing techniques.