The Advantages of Full Time Living in a Fifth Wheel Trailer

Whether you want to save money in a tough economy or you want a bit more freedom in your life, living full time in your fifth-wheel trailer may be something you've considered. Some people do this because it's much less expensive than keeping a home, while others do it so they can travel as much as they'd like.

And since modern technology makes it easy to work wherever you might be, you no longer have to wait for retirement to enjoy the freedom of a travel lifestyle.


According to Road Trip America, a new fifth-wheel trailer and a medium- to heavy-duty pickup truck gives you similar luxuries to a full-sized motorhome at a much lower price.

Living in a fifth-wheel trailer full time means you don't have the high costs of rent or mortgage for your home or apartment, and you don't have nearly as many of the associated upkeep expenses either.

When living in a fifth-wheel full time---particularly a well designed, new one---you have all the conveniences and style of a regular upscale apartment or home without having the equivalent high taxes, interest payments and utility bills. These expenses still exist, but they're much lower. When you stay at an RV park, for example, you may pay just £9 to £26 per day for a space with all utilities included.


Living in a fifth-wheel trailer full time is an ultimate expression of freedom, because you can take your home wherever you want to go. If you'd like to always be in mild climates, for example, then you can simply drive the trailer to a new location when the weather gets too cold where you are.

Portability is one of the top reasons many people choose to live in their fifth-wheel full time, because it allows them the flexibility and freedom to travel around the country. Whether your family is scattered around in different areas and you'd like to visit them regularly, or you simply want to see many different sights and attractions over time, having your home towed behind your vehicle allows you to do so easily.


Fifth-wheel trailers can be purchased with a wide variety of floor plans, making it fairly easy to have one that fits your particular lifestyle needs. They generally have plenty of sleeping space, even for small- to medium-sized families, and they have full kitchen and bath facilities as well.

Since fifth-wheel trailers are towed by a pickup truck, this also gives you flexibility in parking. If you decide to travel across the country to visit family, for example, and want to go sightseeing while you're there, you don't have to worry about whether you can drive around small in-town streets with a large trailer. You can simply pick a campground or RV park, unhitch the trailer, and drive your tow vehicle around for visiting and exploring.

This saves on gas because you get better gas mileage when you're not towing the trailer, and it's more convenient because you aren't limited to driving only in areas that are large enough to accommodate the trailer.