Gifts for a 90 Year Old Woman

Some people laugh at the thought of buying something for a 90-year-old woman on her birthday. After all, what can she possibly need? The ideas are almost endless, however, and can really have an impact on the gift-giver as well as the birthday girl.

Careful thought and planning can help make any birthday special, whether the honoree is 16 or 90. Consider a variety of ideas before settling on one that will certainly bring a smile to a 90-year-old woman's face.


Consider purchasing a music CD or collection of CDs that contain the birthday girl's favourite music. A 90-year-old may like Big Band music from Glenn Miller, or crooners like Bing Crosby, Nat King Cole or Dean Martin, just to name a few. She may also like rock 'n' roll, pop or jazz. Make sure you ask her family or friends about some of her favourites before you buy.


A photo album or scrapbook may be just the gift to give a 90-year-old woman a smile and a reminder of what she has accomplished and the people she has loved and been loved by. It may also be a way to offer her some security and comfort.

Unusual Gifts

For those who have an especially spunky grandma, consider something unusual. Ask the birthday girl if there's something she has always wanted to do, but never got around to. If it's safe and the woman is able, consider things like a visit to an amusement park, a ride on the back of a motorcycle (helmet mandatory!), a hot-air balloon ride or a ride on a horse. When planning such a gift, always keep safety first and request the permission of other family members beforehand.

Birthday Greetings

Consider creating a video collection of greetings and best wishes from near and distant relatives and friends. Have each family member or friend record a brief greeting on a camera phone or digital recorder and send or forward the clip to one person who is digitally gifted, who can then gather the clips into a computer software program and create a montage that can be burnt onto a unique and timeless CD or DVD.