Uses for Wood Offcuts

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Home decorating pieces made from recycled materials provide an eco-friendly yet chic way to decorate the home. This green style of decorating can be seen in the many ways that discarded wood offcuts can be used to make a dramatic statement within the home.


Wood offcuts are the unneeded wood pieces that are left over during furniture or toy manufacturing. While these pieces can be recycled into refurbished timber, the process is often time-consuming and expensive. By purchasing home products that are made directly from wood offcuts, you bypass this costly process and avoid products that are made from any nonrenewable virgin lumber. Consequently, pieces made from wood offcuts are extremely useful to those who want to decorate in a sustainable way.


While wood offcuts are most commonly used to build furniture, you can also use them to create unique fencing and art. Many designers and artists play upon the existing curves of the wood cutoffs to create home pieces that are unconventionally shaped. Others group similar-sized offcuts together to create more traditional looking pieces. Generally, refurbished pieces use wood cutoffs that come from the same breed of wood, though this may vary by use and by designer.


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Decorative pieces made from wood offcuts complement many different styles and rooms within the home. While a uniquely shaped clock may match a modern living room, a more simplistic wood offcut table would look right at home in a traditional dining room. Wood offcuts are used in different colours, shapes and textures. Look for pieces that highlight your personal style.


The cost of an offcut wood home piece varies depending on the item and design. While the recyclable nature of their production sometimes makes wood offcut decorations more affordable than "new" products, such is not always the case. Price fluctuates depending on the materials used and the artist who has designed the object. Those looking to decorate with wood offcut pieces on a budget are encouraged to explore their local flea markets or create their own decorations.