Plants or Flowers That Can Grow in Pebbles

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Pebbles can provide an excellent growing medium for particular plants. Fill a glass vase with pebbles to grow some of your favourite spring bulbs indoors during the coldest winter months. You can add live green plants to the pebbles in your aquarium to provide a healthy environment for your freshwater fish. Outdoors, you can design attractive gardens using beds of pebbles with plantings of bright coloured flowers.

Spring Bulb Flowers

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Hyacinth, narcissus and crocus bulbs will grow well in pebbles and water. Fill a glass container with pebbles and place your bulb, tapered end up, on top. Fill your vase with enough water to reach the bottom of the bulb. Cover the container and bulb with a paper bag and place it in a dark spot that's about 55F. Keep the water level constant. When the bulb has developed roots and you see some green growth at the top, remove the bag and move your vase to a warm, sunny location. It'll take several weeks for flowers to develop.

Fresh Water Aquarium Plants

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Add live green plants to your freshwater aquarium to provide a healthy environment for your fish. Aquatic plants grow well submerged in water with their roots anchored in a bed of small pebbles. They provide oxygen, food and a hiding place for your fish. A few of the more common plants available are American Vals, Spiral Vals and Dwarf Water Lily.


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An amaryllis bulb will grow and bloom when planted in pebbles. Place 4 inches of pebbles in a clear glass hurricane vase. Trim any brown, dried roots from your bulb and place it on top of the pebbles. Add more pebbles to stabilise your bulb. Add water up to 1 inch from the bottom of your bulb. This prevents it from rotting. Place your vase in a sunny window where the temperature remains between 60 and 80F. Check the water daily. You'll see growth in two to 10 weeks. It's unlikely that this bulb will bloom again.

Yard and Garden Flowers

Flowers can transform areas of pebbles into a beautiful garden. There are several common garden flowers that can thrive in pebbles, including dianthus, coreopsis, creeping phlox, candy tuft, verbena and dwarf zinnias. Sweet Annie will also do well grown in pebbles and is well known for its colourful foliage. Plan your design carefully and choose flowers that will thrive in dry, sunny locations. Pebbles get much hotter in the sun than soil.

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