Fun married couple activities for date night

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Date night is important for any couple, and so it shouldn't mean you stop making the effort to have this special time together just because you are married. You should aim for one date night every week, says counsellor Annette Nay, Ph.D.

This helps keep the romance in your relationship alive while also enabling you to grow closer as a couple and remember why you are together. You needn't spend lots of money either, but try to be creative and inventive so that each experience is as fun and fresh as the next.

Take a Class Together

Finding a hobby that you both share and enjoy is a great way to bond and feel closer to your spouse. Learning something new will be fun and interesting for you both, and attending a class each week ensures that you are making time to be with each other as a couple on a regular basis. You could go to a cooking class for a cuisine you both love but don't know how to cook, such as Chinese or Thai food, and then put your new knowledge into practice by cooking at home together. Alternatively, you could try out a new sport together, such as dance or t'ai chi to play a musical instrument you both like.

Plant a Garden

Making something new together that you can both enjoy is a wonderful way to spend a date night, and planting a garden in your back yard is a creative way to do this. You could start a vegetable patch or pick some plants and flowers you both would look forward to seeing bloom. If gardening isn't your thing or you don't have the space, plan to give a room in your house a makeover, like your bedroom, and enjoy spending time together planning, brainstorming, shopping and actually making the changes. Accomplishing this together can be a great bonding experience.

Relive Your First Encounter

Ignite the excitement and romance of your very first encounter with your husband by recreating the experience and reminding yourselves all over again why you are still together. Set up a "chance encounter" in a place where you will bump into your wife but pretend you don't know each other. Get dressed up and spend the evening getting to know your spouse all over again, enjoying the flirtation and the buzz it gives you remembering how it all began.

Spice Things Up

Make a change to your eating-out routine by visiting a completely new restaurant and sampling world cuisine you haven't tried before. Experiencing something new together is a fun and welcome change to the usual Friday night outing. Alternatively, you could get dressed up for a candlelit dinner at home. Make sure the children are out of the picture and create a meal using food that holds lots of memories for you as a couple. For example, if your wife craved salty chips during pregnancy and you both have a passion for chocolate ice cream and peanut butter sandwiches, make a picnic using all of these foods and reminisce about all the happy memories you have shared while eating them.