Why does my face turn red after eating spaghetti sauce?

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Eating is a daily practice, though for some, undesired consequences come after eating certain foods. If you experience facial redness or flushing after eating foods such as spaghetti, you may have a medical issue that requires attention.

However, not all facial redness is due to medical concerns, so you should be aware of when you experience such issues.

Food Allergy

Food allergies, or even food sensitivities, can present themselves through changes in the skin. If you experience redness of the face or even slight flushing after eating certain foods, you may have a food allergy associated with that item. If you have noticed redness after eating spaghetti sauce, you may have an allergy to tomatoes. You can check with your doctor or allergist to have food allergy testing performed or maintain a food log to see if you notice the redness after eating other tomato-based foods.

Too Hot (Temperature)

Facial flushing can occur when you eat foods that are too hot in temperature. If you have eaten a hot-off the-stove plate of spaghetti, you may experience facial flushing as the temperature increase in your mouth causing the blood vessels in your face to fill with blood. This type of facial redness after eating spaghetti is temporary and will subside once your mouth and face have normalised in temperature.

Too Hot (Spiciness)

Spicy foods can cause facial flushing as the body reacts to spicy ingredients with increased blood flow to capillaries and blood vessels. Spaghetti sauce that is spicy, such as versions made with red pepper flakes, can cause facial redness due to the spiciness of the dish. This too is a temporary effect and will disappear after a period of time. You can prevent this type of flushing, if you are prone to it, by opting for less spicy sauces and dishes.

Medical Conditions

One reason behind facial flushing after eating acidic foods such as spaghetti sauce may be due to a lingering or developing skin condition such as rosacea. The redness that occurs with rosacea is slightly different compared to a typical food allergy. Rosacea can be triggered by the acid in the sauce along with the extra carbohydrates in the pasta, as both are causes of rosacea breakouts.