Storyboard artist salary

A storyboard artist is responsible for creating a plot that communicates ideas, emotions or thoughts to an audience. Storyboard artists are commonly found in the motion picture industry, but also play an important role in advertising, commercial companies, television and the video gaming industry. The average salary for storyboard artists highly depends on the given industry where they work and the actual location of the studio where they are employed.

National Artist Average

The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics provides salary data for artists working in the United States and explains that developing storyboards is one of their primary responsibilities as an artist. The average national mean wage of these artists is close to £19.8 as of May 2010. Given that the artist works a full 2,080 hours per annum, it is an annual salary of £41,236. However, artists may earn anywhere between £10.50 and £31.20, as these are the lowest and highest artist salaries in the United States, according to the bureau.

Storyboard Artist Industries

Storyboard artists are found in various industries, but the motion picture and video industry is the highest employment industry for these types of artists. The motion picture and video industry employs 7,200 individuals as of May 2010. The advertising, public relations and commercial services employ about half that number, with 3,130 individuals.

Highest-Paying Industries

The top-paying industry for storyboard artists is the same industry that employs the most artists in the United States. The motion picture and video industry is the industry that provides the highest salary for storyboard artists. These workers earn close to £47,047 per annum. Other informational services that hire storyboard artists pay close to £45,662 per year.

Highest-Paying States

The location of the artist studio or employer may also play a role in the storyboard artist salary, according to the bureau's data. The state of California is the top-paying state for artists, as they earn around £48,464 per year. New York and Oregon are other top-paying places for artists, where they earn around £43,121 and £40,748, respectively.

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