Zumba instructor's salary

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Zumba classes take the concept of group aerobics and add a Latin twist by incorporating moves from dances like salsa, samba a rumba into the routine.

Although getting rich or even supporting a family would be difficult on a Zumba instructor workout, the certification program can be a way of funding your fitness habit or expanding the repertoire of somebody already working in the fitness industry.

Zumba Basics

Created by personal trainer Beto Perez, Zumba is a form of group fitness. Would-be instructors attend rigorous seminars covering the Zumba curriculum, basic exercise theory, business and ethics. Instructors can choose to certify for the general public, for the senior population or both. Instructor certification ran less than £325 as of 2010, which is a fraction of the cost for general group fitness certification but also gives the certificate holder a fraction of the job prospects.

The Nature of the Work

Working as a group fitness instructor rarely leads to full-time work. Instead, the instructors teach the classes they are qualified for when a facility needs them taught. Since Zumba classes are just one kind of group fitness option, this problem will be exacerbated for those with only Zumba certification. Some group fitness instructors mitigate this problem by teaching classes at several different facilities, carving out a full work week out of multiple part-time assignments.

Average Salary

The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics includes Zumba instructors among "Fitness Trainers and Aerobics Instructors." As of 2010, the mean hourly wage for these workers was £11.20. The middle 50 per cent of instructors made between £6.2 and £14.40 per hour. Those who managed to get full-time employment made a total of £24,212 on average during that year.

Alternative Models

Making a full-time living teaching only Zumba classes would be difficult. As a casual pursuit, certification can help increase your involvement in personal fitness and earn you a bit of money. Somebody interested in making a full-time living from group fitness should get certifications in an array of group fitness options, including Zumba.