Glass Jar Craft Ideas for Kids Images

Recycled glass jars make inexpensive and versatile craft supplies for kids. Use washed out pasta sauce jars, candle jars or pickle jars for fun projects for any season. Allow kids to get creative with these projects, adding their own flair to the design of the craft.

Young children should always be supervised when working with glass, so these crafts should be made with an adult.

Painted Jars

Glass jars become the canvas for kids' creative art when they are painted with glass paint. Glass paint is available from art supply stores and craft stores, and it works well for achieving a stained glass look to the jar, according to First Palette. Let kids paint the jars any way they like, or help kids by tracing a design with white glue and letting them paint within the glue lines. Uses for the painted jars include candle holders, vases or pencil cups. Personalise the jars to a particular holiday, season or occasion. For instance, make a father's day pencil cup by painting objects dad likes, such as fish.

Fabric Jars

If painting seems like too messy of an undertaking, let kids decorate glass jars with cotton fabric strips. Have the kids select various colours and prints of cotton, and help them cut the fabric into narrow strips, long enough to wrap around the entire jar. To adhere the strips to the jar, use heavy-duty double-sided tape or glue sticks on the back of the fabric pieces. Carefully wrap the fabric around the jar, covering the bottom half of the jar only. The jars can then be used for decorative home accents such as vases or votive holders.

Pet Jars

According to Disney's Family Fun, glass jars become easy pet treat containers for kids to make. Help kids cut out tails, faces, ears, noses and collars for the parts of a cat or a dog. Use different colours of felt to cut out these pieces; it might be fun to match the felt to your own pet's colouring. Glue the face and ears to the jar's lid and the tail to the jar's bottom using fabric glue. Add the collar just below the mouth of the jar. Small pieces of black felt can work for the pet's eyes and nose; mouths can be drawn on with permanent marker. Family Fun suggests gluing four large buttons to the underside of the jar for feet. Let the jar dry and fill it with treats.

Jack O' Lantern Jar

Kids can create long-lasting jack o' lanterns by decoupaging a glass jar with tissue paper. Craft Ideas suggests that this can also be made with paper mache. To d├ęcoupage the jar, use Mod Podge or a similar d├ęcoupage adhesive, water and a foam brush to cover the jar with orange tissue paper. Cut the face of the jack o' lantern from black construction paper. To get the pieces of paper to stick to the jar, use a bit of Mod Podge and a bit of water on the back of the paper, press it onto the jar, and paint over it with the Mod Podge and water. Craft Ideas suggests tying green raffia around the jar's mouth for a decorative touch. Green ribbon would work, as well.