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Hieroglyphic Games for Kids

Updated April 17, 2017

The written Egyptian language, hieroglyphics, can be read from left to right, right to left, or top to bottom. The direction depends on the direction the symbols are facing. Hieroglyphs were developed about four thousand years ago and there are several different types of signs. Playing a game is a great way to gain understanding about these ancient symbols and to practice writing your own messages.

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Message on the Wall

Egyptians used to write hieroglyphs on their walls and you can try to translate some of the messages. Play the online game The Writing is on the Wall, which is found at Snaith Primary Eril. Translate eight words that are written on a big wall. If you need hep there is a translator that can help you to decode the hieroglyphs. Click on the matching hieroglyphs in the translator and the ancient writing will be translated into letters.

Check the Writing

Play an online game where you are the head scribe at a workshop in ancient Egypt. Check a papyrus written by a young scribe and make sure that there are no errors. Click on the hieroglyphs to read the story about a Pharaoh and a goose. The translation of the hieroglyphs appears when you click the mouse over the text, but some words are unclear and they have caused the young scribe headache. Use a special sense sign found at the bottom of the screen to make sure that the message can be understood. There are two different signs to choose from, so this a fun way to learn to read hieroglyphs and gain understanding of some difficult signs that often caused problems for young scribes in ancient Egypt. This game is found at Ancient Egypt.

Find the Treasure

Find Pharaoh's lost treasure that is hidden in a secret room in the pyramid. Pharaoh has blocked the passage with a secret code. Click on tiles to find the matching tile and crack the code. Ask for hints to help you. However, you need to be careful with asking for help since you are only allowed three hints per game. There are several levels in this game and you need to get a score of 1,000,000 to open the secret passage so that you can grab the treasure. Pharaoh's Treasure is an exciting online game that is found at Compete Games.

Secret Messages

Use the hieroglyphic typewriter to send messages to your friends. Ask them to decode your message and the winner is the friend who decodes the most words. The typewriter has all the letters in the alphabet and the hieroglyphs are at the top of the keys. When you type messages only the hieroglyphs can be seen, which means that your friends have to solve your hieroglyphic message. You can also invite a couple of friends over; one of you types a message and the other people have to solve the message. The person who solves the message is the winner and he types the next message. The hieroglyphic typewriter can be found at Discovering Egypt.

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