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What Is the Difference Between a Sony RDR-HXD870 & RDR-HXD890?

Updated February 21, 2017

The RDR-HXD870 and the RDR-HXD890 are both hybrid DVD recorders/hard disk drives that Sony produced. Sony released the RDR-HXD870 in 2007 and the RDR-HXD890 in 2009. The two DVD recorders/HDDs have many similarities, including three-step electronic program guides, integrated digital and analogue tuners, and storage capacities of 160 gigabytes for recording up to 455 hours of video. Despite these similarities, the Sony RDR-HXD870 and RDR-HXD890 do have some differences.

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Series Recording

Unlike its predecessor, the Sony RDR-HXD870, the Sony RDR-HXD890 DVD recorder/HDD supports series recording. Also known as series link, series recording allows users to record a television series through one initial set-up. More specifically, with the Sony RDR-HXD890 users can set up series recording with a single push of a button. The benefit of series recording is that it prevents users from having to record -- and from having to remember to record -- each episode of a series as it airs. This feature is especially beneficial for users who travel regularly and are not always around to record episodes of their favourite series.


While most of their inputs and outputs are identical, the Sony RDR-HXD870 and Sony RDR-HXD890 DVD recorders/HDDs vary when it comes to Universal Serial Bus 2.0 ports. The RDR-HXD870 provides a Type A USB 2.0 port as well as a Type B USB 2.0 port with PictBridge compatibility, which are two ports that the RDR-HXD890 lacks. While Type A ports are common to computers and hubs and accommodate USB 2.0 cables with long, flat rectangular connectors, Type B ports are common to peripheral devices and accommodate USB 2.0 cables with smaller square connectors. The PictBridge compatibility of the RDR-HXD870's Type B USB 2.0 port refers to the ports capability to accommodate digital imaging devices, such as cameras.


The Sony RDR-HXD870 and Sony RDR-HXD890 DVD recorders/HDDs come with different accessory packages. For example, while the RDR-HXD870 includes two coaxial cables with RF connectors for connecting to TVs and other devices, the RDR-HXD890 provides only one coaxial cable with an RF connector. In addition, the RDR-HXD870 includes a set-top box controller for displaying HDTV digital television broadcasts on TV screens, whereas the RDR-HXD890 does not. A further distinction arises in relation to the types of remote controls the two DVD recorders/HDDs come with. The RDR-HXD870 includes a Sony RMT-D248P remote, which has a package weight of approximately 118gr. The RDR-HXD890 includes an RMT-D251P remote, which has a package weight of approximately 19987gr.


The physical dimensions of the Sony RDR-HXD870 and the Sony RDR-HXD890 DVD recorders/HDDs are slightly different. The former has dimensions of approximately 16.93 inches wide by 3.01 inches high by 11.26 inches deep. In comparison, the latter has dimensions of approximately 16.93 inches wide by 3.01 inches high by 11.34 inches deep.

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