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Advantages and Disadvantages of Online Gaming

Updated April 17, 2017

Computer games or video games are one of the fastest-growing industries and pastimes in the world of leisure and entertainment. While video games have been with us for some time now and evolve with ever-increasing sophistication, the advent of online gaming is a relatively new phenomenon and one that has gained enormous popularity in a relatively short space of time. Being able to log onto your computer and have instant access to a huge variety of games that can be played with people from all over the world is an incredibly alluring facility.

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One of the key disadvantages that online gaming has is its inherent lack of physical person-to-person contact. Many people find the online gaming world extremely addictive and can neglect personal relationships and family life in favour of playing online. However, many would argue that online gaming is a form of social contact in itself where otherwise isolated people can connect with people all over the world and play, talk and form relationships they otherwise never would have had.


The sheer amount of games online means the range of choice as to what to play is enormous. An individual may own only a few physical games, whether traditional or electronic; yet online, virtually any type of game the individual may wish to play is available. Games are available at the click of a mouse and available in perpetuity as long as the Internet is still functioning.


The cost of online gaming is so cheap as to be one of the cheapest dollar cost per hour forms of entertainment available. So long as you have a broadband Internet connection, you can spend countless hours enjoying gaming entertainment at such a minuscule cost it almost is negligible. The cost of purchasing some more popular games can be off-putting, but it is the same as buying physical games from your local store.


One of the chief disadvantages of online gaming occurs from their very success. They are so entertaining and absorbing to the point of being quite addictive and can consume hours and hours of an individual's personal life so as to be quite socially, physically and professionally unhealthy. Online gaming is an indoor and sedentary activity, and spending large portions of time engaged in this activity can lead to health problems, trouble with work, psychological problems and breakdowns in personal relationships. However, it could be argued that online gaming is so much fun, hence its addictiveness, that it is a positive no matter what side effects it may cause.

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