1950s Bungalow House Makeover

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Updating the look of a 1950s bungalow requires a great deal of planning and preparation before any remodelling takes place. First, decide on a budget; this will set the stage for the level of renovation.

If you only have a few thousand to work with, look for low-cost big-impact updates such as painting, refinishing wood floors and new fixtures and hardware. Larger budgets will allow for more extensive projects or an addition.

Preserve the Style

When giving a home a makeover, respect the original character. Bungalows often had rich wood flooring, double-hung windows and exposed wood beams in the ceiling. Woodwork was used extensively and should be either painted white or cream, or stained to allow the natural grain to show. Highlight columns between the living room and dining room with a colour that coordinates with the rest of the space; using the same colour or finish as the woodwork or flooring works well.


Keeping the charm of an older home can be aesthetically pleasing, but today there are modern conveniences and technologies that can improve your lifestyle. If the rooms are all separated by walls, open up the floor plan to create a large great room. Doing this may remove some storage, so add a hutch or built-in cabinetry. Install new energy-efficient windows with classic styling. Many older homes were not well insulated; adding some insulation to the exterior walls will lower your heating bills.


Updating the kitchen can have a big impact on improving the look of a home. Most bungalow kitchens were small, so this may require rearranging the floor plan, moving some walls or building an addition to achieve the storage space you need. The cabinetry should include some built-in open shelving for displaying a small collection of nice dishes. Replace old appliances with newer energy-efficient models. Add period-style hardware to the cabinetry to finish the look.


Over the years, many bungalow bathrooms have gone through makeovers that are now out of style. Bring back the classic appeal by using clean, white fixtures and tile. Let your personal style come out in the wall paint colour and accents such as the shower curtain. Subway tile, penny tile and 1-inch hexagon tile all have classic style and add a lot of value to your makeover. Keep the original charm by adding or refinishing an enamel claw-foot tub.

Curb Appeal

Giving your home a makeover can continue on the exterior. Freshen up the appearance by painting the siding with soft, natural colours such as taupe, sage, cream or brown. Accent the door, trim and shutters with a similar colour, black or red. Trim the plants and bushes so they are not overgrown. Lay down paving stones to create a pathway from the entrance to the sidewalk or driveway. Add new porch lights and house numbers to finish the updated look.