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List of blue vegetables

Updated March 23, 2017

Eating blue/purple-coloured vegetables has many health benefits, including improvements to your immune system, digestive system as well as boosting your body's ability to absorb calcium and other minerals. Blue vegetables are also credited with decreasing inflammation and helping your body maintain retinal health. For people who are suffering from cancer, eating blue vegetables can decrease tumour growth and limit the actions of cancer cells. These vegetables are made up of nutrients including resveratrol, vitamin C, lutein, flavonoids and ellagic acid.

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Grown in the colours purple, white, green or striped, eggplants are a part of the potato and nightshade plant species. These vegetables can be used to replace meat. In addition to being a protein substitute, eggplants are high in fibre, cholesterol free, fat free, low in calories and sodium free. Store fresh eggplant in the crisper drawer of your refrigerator and only keep them for five to seven days. Select eggplants that have no visible cracks, discoloured areas and have a good amount of weight to them in comparison to their actual size.

Black Salsify

As a root vegetable, black salsify is often used in soups or salads. Nutritionally, black salsify has the benefits of being fat- and cholesterol-free as well as low in sodium. Peel away this vegetable's black skin and you should find a cream-hued flesh. Good black salsify is firm to the touch and smooth in appearance. Black salsify can be safely stored in a plastic bag that is placed in a refrigerator for two weeks maximum.

Purple Asparagus

People eating purple asparagus will get the health benefits of vitamin C, vitamin A and folate. Along with these perks, this vegetable also has no fat, sodium, cholesterol or saturated fat. When choosing purple asparagus, the stalks should be odourless and have dry lips that are closed tightly. Refrigerate this vegetable for a maximum time limit of four days. Ensure freshness by wrapping the end of the stalks in wet paper towels. Place the wrapped asparagus in a plastic bag.

Purple Carrots

While traditionally thought of as orange, carrots can also come in the colours purple, red, yellow and white. This vegetable can stay refrigerated for up to two weeks and still be fresh. Along with being a favourite of rabbits, carrots are high in vitamin A and vitamin C. It is important to choose carrots that have a deep colour, are not split and are firm to the touch. The tops of the carrots should be fresh and very green in colour.

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