List of Short-Hair Dog Breeds Images

The decision to own a dog is sometimes based on the length of the dog's hair. Getting a short-haired dog has some advantages, as they require minimal grooming with an occasional brush. Tick and fleas can be easier to find on a short-haired dog too.

Less hair means less clean up, leaving you more time to spend with your dog. There are many short-haired dog breeds to choose from.

Dogs Under 4.54kg.

Dogs under 4.54kg. are known as "toy" breeds. These little dogs have big personalities and are full of energy. These breeds include the chihuahua, toy dachshund, mini dachshund, Italian greyhound, toy Manchester terrier, miniature pinscher and xoloitzcuintli, which is a breed from Mexico.

Dogs 4.99 to 9.07kg.

There are several varieties of small to medium dog breeds with short hair. These dogs are manageable and low maintenance when it comes to grooming than larger dogs. Some of these breeds include the Boston terrier, standard dachshund, Jack Russell terrier, standard Manchester terrier, Parson Russell terrier, pug, Shih Tzu and West Highland white terrier.

Dogs 21 to 50lbs.

There is a large selection of medium-sized short-haired dogs ranging in weight from 21 to 50lbs., which includes several terriers and hounds. These breeds are: American Staffordshire bull terrier, Australian cattle dog, basenji, basset hound, beagle, Eurasier, French bulldog, harrier, pharoah hound, plott hound, shiba inu, Staffordshire bull terrier, whippet and the standard xoloitzcuintli.

Dogs 51 to 80lbs.

Medium to large dogs that generally weigh between 51 to 80lbs. offer the largest selection of short-haired breeds, with many from the sporting, hound and working dog groups. These breeds include: appenzeller, azawakh, Belgian laekenois, Belgian malinois, black and tan coon hound, boxer, bull terrier, Chesapeake Bay retriever, Dalmatian, Doberman pinscher, Eurasier, American foxhound, English foxhound, German short-haired pointer, greyhound, harrier, Labrador retriever, vizsla and Weimaraner

Dogs Over 36.3kg.

Large dogs have big needs, but owning a large short-haired dog may be a bit easier since grooming is minimal. Many short-haired dogs are found in the working group breed for their size and strength. The short-haired breeds are: American bulldog, bloodhound, bluetick coonhound, boerboel, bull-mastiff, Doberman pinscher, great dane, greater Swiss mountain dog, mastiff, Rhodesian ridgeback and rottweiler.