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A List of Animals That Lay Eggs

Updated July 19, 2017

Many animals lay eggs, ranging from the extinct dinosaurs all the way to ducks, sea turtles and turkeys. You wonder why turkey eggs aren't filling the baskets of grocery stores the way chicken eggs do. Turkeys require a lot more space for nesting, which would make producing their eggs more expensive.Turkeys also are not as willing as a chicken to allow people to gather their eggs without some resistance.

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A female chicken that has reached maturity is called a hen. Hens can live to be well over 15 years of age and will lay eggs in each of those years. As the years go by, they will start to lay fewer eggs. Hens like privacy when it comes to the location of their nest. After they are satisfied, they will lay their eggs and constantly care for them over the course of 21 days, which is the time it takes for the chicks to fully develop. Chicken eggs can come in a variety of colours; they have even been known to lay pink or green eggs.

The Sea Turtle

Sea turtles can be found all over the world and are capable of adapting to warm or cool waters. Although all sea turtles don't migrate, the majority do and will make long trips for food or for the purpose of laying their eggs. When a sea turtle makes it to land, the speed in which they move will be drastically slower than their speeds in the water. After they reach a suitable area, they dig their nest. After laying hundreds of eggs, the sea turtle slowly makes its way back to the water.

The Mallard Duck

The mallard duck is said to be found in more places on Earth than any other type of duck. They can be found in places ranging from North America to Asia in both freshwater and saltwater. Mallard ducks migrate with their partners to breed and make their nests, which are situated on the ground. About 12 eggs are laid. It takes a little less than 30 days for the time of incubation to be complete. The male mallard duck will hang around for a portion of this period but will leave to hang out with a flock of other mallard males.

The American Alligator

The American alligator can live to be well over 30 years of age in their natural settings. Fully grown males can grow more than 12 feet while females can get over 8 feet in length. Male and female American alligators begin a sustained courtship that can last up to two months.The female digs the nest mound high enough so that the eggs she lays will not be washed away from the nest that is usually built near water. Although the American alligator can lay up to three dozen eggs, only about 50 per cent of them will hatch.

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