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Ways to fence out nosey neighbours

Updated April 17, 2017

Your nosy neighbours don't have to get the best of you. And you don't have to spend a fortune building a high brick wall to keep them at bay, either. Creatively keep them from being able to spy on you and your loved ones, using nature to help. You will prevent them from being a nuisance as you enjoy the solution. You can also use other tools if they continue to be a problem.

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Roses for thorns

Nosy neighbours can be a thorn in your side. Reduce their prickly behaviour by planting lots of rose bushes in a row between their property and yours. The rose thorns will discourage anyone from attempting to trespass to gain information, while you'll enjoy the blossoms. Purchase and transplant large rose bushes to deal with the problem right away. Go for a variety like the beach rose, which works well across the country.

Hedges for height

Sometimes nosy neighbours have a height advantage over their victims. Plant hedges in this case, which can reach much higher than a typical lawn fence. Choose your hedge with the intended reason in mind: security and privacy. Prickly holly or hawthorn are good hedge options, serving to deter attempts to peek through them or to squeeze through the hedge and onto your property.

Motion sensor lights

For nosy neighbours who strike at night ,put up motion sensors on the side of your home. You will be alerted each time they trespass and they will know you are on to them. Having a big bright light switch on in their face when they attempt the inappropriate can serve as the best fence of all.

Electric wire fence

Nosy neighbours could present a serious danger to you or your family. If you suspect that to be the case, you can bolster security and prevent their presence with electric wire fencing. Electric wire fencing should carry a sign on it, however, alerting to the danger if touched. And this should not be an option if your neighbour has small children or they do come to visit and could accidentally touch the fence. Some companies that sell this type of fencing provide an alarm to notify individuals prior to touching the fence of the danger.

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