Are There Any Flowers That Slugs Don't Like?

Contrary to popular belief, there are many flowering plants that slugs don't like. Slugs can cause damage to flowers in general and the signs of slug infestation include holes in leaves and unhealthy flowers.

Strong pesticides control slug infestation but a natural method of slug control is by planting slug-repellent flowering plants as companion plants among other flowering plants.

Slug-Repellent Perennials

Perennial flowering plants repellent to slugs include astrantia, lady's mantle, dianthus, foxglove, geranium, peony, lavender and phlox. Many of these scented flowering plants not only add colour and beauty to a garden but effectively repel slugs. Slugs don't eat these plants and generally avoid the plants while looking for something to eat.

Slug-Repellent Border Flowers

Alyssum and lobelia repel slugs and planted on the border of flower beds protect other flowering plants from slugs.

Slug-Repellent Annuals

Slugs stay away from annuals like the scented salvia and the hairy poppy. Nicotiana has fuzzy foliage and a strong scent that irritates slugs.

Slug-Repellent Flowering Shrubs and Bushes

Slugs dislike scented flowering shrubs and bushes. Some slug repellent flowering shrubs and bushes include veronica, rose, camellia, azalea, Ilex, rhododendron and hydrangea.

Slug-Repellent Lilies

Slugs attack lilies and destroy plants in a short span of time. Growing agapanthus, alstromeria- the Peruvian lily and scented lilies among other lilies repel slugs. Slugs dislike scented flowers and will not attack lilies accompanied by other scented lilies.

Fuzzy-Leaved Plants

The tiny hairs on fuzzy-leaved plants irritate slugs and slugs avoid flowering plants with fuzzy or hairy leaves. Slug-repellent fuzzy-leaved plants include the African violet, strawberry begonia and gloxinia.

Creepers or Climbing Plants

Scented creeping and climbing plants are effective slug repellents. Flowering Ivy, climbing roses, nasturtium and the scented wisteria repel slugs. These flowering creepers prevent slugs from entering a house when they grow against the outer wall of a house.