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The Difference Between the Canon PG40 & PG50

Updated July 19, 2017

Sometimes you come across two products that you like so much that you are not able to make up your mind about which one should you pick. In case of printer cartridges, you can find products that are interchangeable, such as the Canon PG40 and PG50, as they are compatible for many of the same printers. In such a case, you will need to compare and contrast the two to make an informed decision.

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Common Factors Between PG40 and PG50

Let us look at the factors they have common. First, the printers for which both these cartridges are compatible are FAX-JX200, FAX-JX210P, PIXMA MP150, PIXMA MP160, PIXMA MP170, PIXMA MP180, PIXMA MP450, PIXMA MP460, PIXMA MX300, PIXMA MX310 among others. So, if you have any of these printers, then you know that you could make use of either the PG40 or PG50. Second, both these cartridges are of black ink. Third, both these cartridges are smudge resistant. Fourth, they both use photolithographic inkjet nozzle engineering for best quality printing effects. Fifth, both the cartridges adopt a technology that indicates the amount of ink used at any given time.

PG40 --- Basic Characteristics

The Canon PG40 black ink cartridge is a product designed to give durability, highest quality of printouts at the most economical cost. The cost per cartridge is about £14. The ink is smudge-resistant, thereby preventing the bleeding of images as they are printed. The images created are crisp and sharp due to the high-quality ink and the ink-spraying technology used in the printing.

PG50 --- Basic Characteristics

The Canon PG50 is also a highly durable and qualitative product. The cost per cartridge is approximately £24. True to its name, the PG50 is a high-capacity black ink cartridge, which means more prints, better prints and faster prints. The PG50 is compatible with the following printers: FAX-JX200, FAX-JX210P, PIXMA MP150, PIXMA MP160, PIXMA MP170, PIXMA MP180, PIXMA MP450, PIXMA MP460, PIXMA MX300, PIXMA MX310, PowerShot A530/PIXMA and MP460 Combo.


When you contrast the PG50 with PG40, there are few aspects that will catch your attention. First, the PG40 is used in many more printers than the PG50. The cost of the PG40 cartridge is less than the Canon PG50. PG40 printer cartridge is compatible with far more printers than the PG50. However, the number of the pages printed by the PG50 is higher than that of PG40, with 510 and 355 pages per cartridge, respectively. Also, the PG50 is classified as a "high-capacity cartridge," while the PG40 is not.

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