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The Best Goalkeepers Gloves for the Rain

Updated July 19, 2017

Being a goalkeeper is challenging enough, but playing with a slick ball in the rain makes it that much harder. A good pair of goalkeeper gloves can help you combat the wet conditions and help prevent your making an embarrassing error that could cost your team a victory. Manufacturers produce gloves that offer varying levels of performance and protection for multiple surfaces and conditions.

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Adidas FS Wet Grip

The adidas FS Wet Grip gloves feature the company's Fingersave technology, which offers additional support to the fingers and allows goalkeepers to deflect the ball more effectively. The Fingersave spines also provide more power for making punches. The palm of the glove is designed with a grip that is specially crafted for wet conditions; the gloves perform at their best in inclement weather.

Reusch Raptor Pro Aqua Ortho Tec

The Reusch Raptor Pro Aqua Ortho Tec gloves are designed with an Aqua Tech palm, optimising grip and catching ability in wet conditions. The gloves feature a light weight EVA backhand, enabling goalkeepers to get more power on punches, and they combine an ergonomic fit with plenty of ventilation to improve comfort. The cut style increases the surface area of the glove, and the thumb is made from rolled latex foam, which provides extra grip. The thumb also has cushioning that offers protection to vulnerable parts of the hand.

Sells Adhesion Ultra Wrap Aqua JR

Sells' Ultra Wrap Aqua gloves include a 4mm latex foam palm, giving them excellent grip in slick conditions. The gloves have a roll finger cut with a wrapped thumb, while the backhand has an embossed latex punching zone that repels water. The gloves have a 7cm latex wrist strap that enables goalkeepers to fasten them according to their needs.

Sells Silhouette Exosphere

The Sells Silhouette Exosphere gloves feature a negative cut, a style typically preferred by goalkeepers who like a glove that moulds to the contours of the hand. The gloves are designed to absorb excess body heat; they then release that heat when the temperature drops, keeping the hands warm and dry for the duration of the match. The Silhouette Exosphere gloves are made with an adhesive latex foam that provides shock absorption and optimised grip in rainy conditions.

Uhlsport Ergonomic Aquasoft

The Uhlsport Ergonomic Aquasoft gloves combine a roll finger cut with wet weather properties. The palm and fingers are made from the company's Aquasoft foam, which performs well in humid and rainy conditions. The Aquasoft material offers up to 40% higher adhesion in wet conditions, and the glove can be fastened using the latex strap that wraps around the wrist.

Uhlsport Fangmaschine Aquasoft

Uhlsport's Fangmaschine Aquasoft gloves are designed to give goalkeepers a pair of gloves that feel comfortable in the rain. They are made from a combination of normal latex and the Aquasoft latex and are wind and water repellent. The Fangmaschine Aquasoft gloves also provide 40% greater adhesion in wet conditions, much like the Ergonomic Aquasoft GC.

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