How to Cancel 'Buy it Now' on eBay

eBay's web site allows customers to bid on items up for auction without leaving the comfort of their home. Those who want to secure an item without waiting for an auction to end can use eBay's "Buy It Now" feature, which allows customers to purchase items immediately. If you choose this option and then have a change of heart about your purchase, you might wonder how to cancel a "Buy It Now" on eBay.

Withdrawing a Purchase

According to eBay's customer support service, the web site's technology does not allow you to withdraw a "Buy It Now" decision. eBay recommends that you contact the seller of the item to see if he will allow you to cancel the transaction.

Contacting Seller Electronically

To contact a seller through eBay's messaging system, log into eBay, then go to "My eBay." Look for the "Buy" heading in the left column of the page that loads, then click on "Won/Purchased." On the next page that loads, look through the list of items, and click on the link for the one that you hope to cancel. After the listing opens, look for the seller's name and feedback rating in the upper portion of the screen on the right-hand side. Click on the seller's name, then look for the "Contact Member" link on the left side of the next page that appears. Click the button beside "Request to Change an Order," then click "Continue." Type your message in the box provided on the next page, then press send.

Contacting Seller by Phone

It may be easier to explain your desire to cancel a "Buy It Now" by speaking to the seller over the telephone. To obtain the seller's phone number, click the "Advanced Search" link found beside the main eBay search box at the top of eBay pages. Click the "Find contact information" link on the left side of the screen, near the bottom of the page. Enter the member's user ID and the item number you have concerns about, then press "Search." eBay will e-mail the user's contact information to you, and the seller will also receive your contact information.

Making Your Request

Whether you contact the seller electronically or by telephone, be courteous when making your request. Explain why you wish to cancel the "Buy It Now," and let the seller know how much you would appreciate her cooperation. Give the seller a couple of days to respond to your e-mail or phone message before contacting her again. Being rude to or pressuring a seller may result in a denial of your request. Keep in mind that repeatedly failing to pay for items you purchased or won on eBay can lead to a suspension of your account. If the seller won't release you from the transaction, consider fulfilling your commitment to buy and donating the item to charity, if it is suitable for this purpose.

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