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How to Make a Rabbit From a Handkerchief

Updated February 21, 2017

For a diverting project to make with kids, create a bunny rabbit out of a handkerchief. This activity springs to mind each year around Easter, where the rabbit remains a big symbol. It works especially well if you have handkerchiefs that are white or other light colours, much like rabbit fur colours.

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You will need more than just the handkerchief itself to make the rabbit. Gather at least a handful of cotton balls, a length of ribbon and a sewing needle. It helps to have a full bag of cotton balls and a spool of ribbon handy for this project. The needle is not needed for any actual sewing, so you won't need any thread with it. You will also need scissors and possibly a towel.


Iron the handkerchief first to ensure it is completely flat. You need to know if the handkerchief contains any embroidery first. If there is any embroidery, place a towel over the handkerchief and iron the two together to protect the embroidered stitching. Take out a handful of cotton balls from the bag; 10 cotton balls should be enough. Unroll about a foot of the ribbon and cut it off the spool.


Lay the handkerchief flat on the ground; if it has embroidery, it should be facing downward. Ths cotton balls go in the centre of the handkerchief. Fold the handkercief in half along its diagonal and over the cotton balls, forming a triangle. Now grasp the handkerchief at the fold where the cotton balls are and roll the handkerchief toward the pointed ends, then fold this rolled-up handkerchief in half to form a U-like shape.


Tie the ribbon twice in order to correctly form the rabbit. The first time comes after the folded roll-up. Tie the ribbon along the middle so the unravelled ends are on one side of the ribbon and the fold is at the other. A simple square knot will work, but make sure the remaining ends of the ribbon are of equal length. Fold and pull those unravelled ends toward the folded end, and then tie the remaining ribbon just above this new fold. This creates the ears once you spread out the handkerchief ends. Add one more cotton ball and pin it to the folded back end with the needle, creating the powder-puff tail, and your rabbit is complete.

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