Birthday sermon ideas for a 16-year-old girl

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A 16th birthday is a milestone that is longed for and celebrated by most teenagers. It is a coming-of-age moment that marks the beginning of being able to drive and date, among other things depending on parents' preferences.

Preaching a birthday sermon to a 16-year-old girl will be most effective if it relates to the things a teenager goes through. Keeping this in mind when preparing a sermon will help a teenager value the message as well as apply it to her life.


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Prepare a sermon on how enthusiasm for learning will benefit the youth of today in this competitive world. It is important to be enthusiastic and share your own testimony of the importance of a good education and how it has blessed your life. A 16-year-old is on the threshold of graduating high school. Your sermon could be the very moment she decides to commit to a college education.

Dating and Morality

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It is necessary to relate to a 16-year-old on a level with which she is familiar. Teenagers are at an age where dating and the opposite sex are heavily on their minds. Let your sermon focus on how the Lord has created that natural attraction within them and how it has a purpose. Talk about the importance of setting high standards and keeping company with other worthy young men and women who also care about the Lord. Discuss the importance of remaining pure and following high moral standards. Living this way is a protection and will take them to their dreams.

Privileges and Responsibilities

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More responsibilities and privileges come with age and maturity. Driving is one example of a privilege that 16-year-olds have been waiting for. Focus a sermon on trust and how God entrusts them with many privileges in life. This is a blessing they should remain worthy of. Teenagers are learning to be responsible for those privileges they bear. While being older will afford them more freedoms, it will also require them to act with others in mind, not just themselves.

Friends and Family

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A sermon on the importance of family and friends is one that will leave an impression for a long time. You might talk about peers and how they are either very supportive or how they can weigh you down with immense pressure to go against the things you believe. Discuss how it does make a difference about what company they choose to keep. True friends will support their righteous causes no matter what. Reminding them of the strength they receive from a supportive family will encourage them to lean on them throughout their lives.