Ideas for Games to Play with Barbies

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Barbie has been a well-known toy since its creation in 1959. Barbie gives girls a chance to imagine their futures by determining Barbie's career, fashion choices, friendships and romance. Game ideas to play with Barbie should include competitions, accomplishments and artistic endeavours.

Games can be played alone or in a group. For group play, rules should be explained in detail so games are fair.

Fashion Show

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A Barbie fashion show can be as simple or elaborate as Barbie's clothing and accessory inventories allow. Set up is simple. Create an area for clothing changes and an area for the catwalk. The catwalk may be a hard surface like a table or the floor for the Barbies to showcase their fashions.

Music Concert

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Children should explore their musical talents with a Barbie music concert. Each child can take turns singing or choose the musical instrument of their choice to make their very own musical production. Children should choreograph dance moves to their favourite songs and sing along. To make the game challenging, children can make up song lyrics and musical beats by tapping their fingers on buckets for drums and using other household items for musical instruments. If they have access to computers with composing software like Garage Band by iLife, children can create musical scores on the computer beforehand.

Barbie in Action

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Role-playing scenarios open imaginations and teach children different aspects of life such as school, work, relationships and adventures. Children can learn the proper way to escape a house fire, how to confront a bully or what to do when a stranger approaches. They can also imagine going on adventures to faraway places like a safari, cruise and different countries around the globe. If children have access to a video recorder, they can record Barbie in action and share it with their family and friends. A contest can be held to vote on the best movie.

Barbie Sleepover

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Host a sleepover that includes Barbie. Children can eat a Barbie-shaped cake, use Barbie napkins, plates and cups, play Barbie games and watch a Barbie movie before bedtime. The Barbie movie should include an interactive component. For example, every time Barbie says the word "fun," the children raise their Barbies and shout the word "fun." Or when a specific object or person comes on the screen, like Barbie's car or Ken, children can make their Barbies jump up and down. Interacting with the movie helps children pay attention.