Uses for Chicken Manure Pellets

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Chicken manure pellets are a valuable organic alternative to the chemicals present in so many outdoor fertilisers. While they do not have the essential nutrients (nitrogen, potassium and phosphorus) in the same concentrations as their chemical competitors, you have the satisfaction of using all-organic products in raising your vegetable garden and flower beds.

Organic Fertilizer

Many home and garden stores sell chicken manure in pellet and powder form for use as fertiliser. It is rich in nitrogen, which helps plants achieve leafy growth, and it also has phosphorus and potassium. Synthetic fertilisers generally have more of those nutrients than chicken manure, but they also tend to have chemical additives.

Vegetable Gardens

Chicken manure pellets are especially good fertiliser if you plan to grow green, leafy vegetables or tomatoes in your backyard garden. Generally, if you spread about 0.907 Kilogram over a 40-foot square plot, you will get more than adequate coverage.

Flower Beds and Borders

The leafy plants that surround your flowers in decorative beds and that run along the borders of your home or yard will benefit from the added nutrients in chicken manure pellets.


You can add chicken manure pellets to your compost pile, but they will have more immediate benefit if you add them to a bed already in place. Fresh chicken manure will work more efficiently in a compost heap than pellets will.

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