Things to make with 4.5 litre milk containers

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If you have children, chances are you go through a lot of milk in your household. Teach your kids the value of recycling and have fun at the same time when you reuse your old milk containers to make new arts and crafts creations. Whether you want to make a game or have something handy around the house, that old milk container could be just what you need.

Catch and toss game

Turn a milk container upside down and hold it so the handle faces you. Cut off the bottom of the container (which is now facing upwards). Use sandpaper to smooth out the cut edges to avoid injury, or cover them using sturdy tape such as electrician's tape or duct tape. That's one completed. Repeat the process with a second container. Put a small ball, such as a tennis ball or a foam softball, inside the container. Play a game with another person where you use the containers to throw and catch the ball back and forth.


Use the container as a scoop. Cut off the base of the container and leave the lid in place. Smooth out the cut edges or cover them, then decorate the bottle with plastic-friendly paints if you wish. Use it to scoop up dog food or birdseed around your home. Give it to a child and let him use it to scoop up water in the bath or to scoop up beans or sand in a play table. Take off the lid to let him siphon the items through the bottle as he plays.

Bird feeder

Hold the bottle upright and leave the lid in place. Poke a hole in one side that is centred and approximately 2.5 cm (1 inch) up from the bottom curve. Cut a matching hole directly opposite this first one and insert a dowel rod through the holes to make a perch at the base of the container. Cut a larger hole just above the perch on either side, approximately the circumference of a paper towel tube. Sand down all of your cut edges to avoid injury to the birds. Poke a hole on either side at the top and thread string or wool through these holes to hang the bird feeder in a tree in your garden, then fill it up with bird seed to just below the larger holes in the sides.

Night lights

Cut the top third off several containers and sand down the edges. Use black paint and stencils to decorate the sides of the bottles for Halloween or Christmas. You could decorate the bottles with images of pumpkins, witches, snowflakes and ornaments. Fill the bottom third of each container with sand, then place a votive candle in the centre of each one. Light or turn on the candles at night and line the luminaries up in front of your home. Battery-operated "candles" are also available for use and avoid a fire/melting hazard, though you should retain the sand in the bottom to weigh the containers down in case of high winds.

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