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The best wood filler for large holes

Updated February 21, 2017

Treating wood to add strength and longevity are two of the most important parts of a reconstruction project. Using the best wood filler is necessary to fill small and large holes made to remove rotten sections of the wood. Most wood fillers come in a variety of colours to match the paint being used. Once the wood filler is applied it will need to dry before you can paint over it.

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Famowood wood filler

Famowood has been the top wood filler available to homeowners and professionals for 70 years. There is no need to mix this product before using it to fill holes in your wood. When this product is applied it will dry in 15 minutes and add to the strength of wood without crumbling or cracking. According to the BioSafe-Inc website, Famowood, once dry, can be treated as if it were real wood. There are 16 Famowood colours to choose from.

Zar latex

This brand of wood filler can be used to treat wood that is rotting or damaged. It comes in a putty, but water can be added to create a creamy texture that can be applied with a brush. The Do it Best website lists Zar Latex Wood Patch as one of the best fillers to use on large holes. In order to get the best results after the filler is applied, allow it to seep into the wood to dry overnight. Once applied, it will dry and become strong enough to withstand nails and screws.

Elmers wood filler

Elmers wood filler is made to use on wood products with holes that need to be filled before painting. This product comes in large or small packages designed to handle any size job. It also comes in many colours to match light or dark paint that will be applied to cover your wood product. When using this product you can apply it as a putty or by using a brush to get a smooth look. It is fast-drying, sands and paints well and usually requires only one coat.

Brummer wood filler

Brummer wood filler has been used in construction projects for over 60 years and is designed to fill holes in rotten wood, adding strength so the project can be completed. It is waterproof so you can use it to fill wood holes on items that spend time indoors or outdoors. Once Brummer wood filler is applied, it must be allowed to dry before it can be sanded, stained or painted.

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