Art Deco Living Room Ideas

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Create a room with the flair of a 1920s parlour but with a twist that says today. An Art Deco living room is reminiscent of the glamour of old time Hollywood. This decadent timeless style is about reflection. Shiny surfaces, glittery entrances and geometric shapes combine in an art deco design.


Art deco walls may contain a geometric black and white design, panelling or a light painted surface. A geometric design may include a pattern, such as a zebra print, stripe or checker design. Stain rich wood panelling ebony, or if using a trim, arrange the trim to resemble picture frames and paint it to match the wall colour. Paint light colour walls cream or beige as a backdrop for the reflective surfaces and furniture. Some applications for paint include stippling or sponging.


Art deco furniture styles encompass rounded corners, light woods and a layered wood effect found in the furniture style known as waterfall. The pieces were individual to the time with their sleek look, black lacquer finish and chrome accent pulls. Mirror surfaces on tables reflect the shiny surfaces known for art deco while parallel straight lines, zigzags, chevrons and stylised floral motifs embodied the style. The step design found in many art deco pieces resembles that found in the architecture.


Art deco fabrics contain a variety of prints, such as geometric shapes, animal motifs or the sunburst. Choose a black or white leather sofa or chair in a sleek cubist design with silver tone metal accents, and place an animal rug underneath. Black and white zebra print pillows rest on the chair and sofa while a corner chair carries a sunburst pattern. Silver or mirror cornices placed above the windows lend an air of sophistication to a graphic black and white houndstooth patterned floor-length curtains tied back with a silver accent containing a zephyr motif.


Gilded pieces of art adorn the wall. Art reflects the cubist period prevalent during the time, posters from a mode of travel, such as a cruise ship or train or artefacts that may be found in an Egyptian tomb. A collection of different size round mirrors reflects the view of the outdoors and the room while chrome frames hold pictures of family and friends. Globe lighting with a silver-toned base shines in the room, along with a patterned stained cut-glass shade.

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