Oscar Prom Ideas

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Prom night is the most highly anticipated dance of the year, and a fun way to celebrate this high school milestone is to emulate the most glamorous award show -- Oscar night. An Oscar-theme prom will undoubtedly prove a popular choice, because the Academy Awards show is watched worldwide. Prom committees can decorate the venue with a Hollywood sign and cutouts of Academy Award winners. Have the drama department's set designers create backgrounds with large representations of the Oscar statuette.

Red Carpet

One of the most highly anticipated activities leading up to the Oscars is watching the stars walk up the red carpet. Your prom can mimic the red carpet tradition by providing a red carpet leading to your prom venue. Place the prom photographer on the red carpet to take pictures of couples and groups. Prom night is generally reserved for juniors and seniors, but invite freshman and sophomores to watch the walk up the red carpet. Have freshman and sophomore journalists interview members of the prom committee and award nominees for the school paper.


High schools often nominate several members of the senior class to the prom court and announce a prom king and queen on prom night. To model your prom after Oscar night, nominate students for various awards. You can have a prom king and queen, but also invite nominations for best actor and actress, best athlete and best academic. Your prom committee should organise the nominations and voting well ahead of prom night. Present each winner with a replica of an Oscar, or with a statue of your school mascot. Limit speeches to the prom king and queen to preserve valuable dance time.

Slide Show

Each year, the Oscars feature a slide show of important figures in the movie industry who have passed away. Your high school Oscar prom may also wish to honour classmates who have died. Your slide show can also feature pictures of the graduating class in school activities since their freshman year. Prom night is often held close to graduation, so attendees are aware that the prom is the last high school dance.

Principal's Ball

The only events better than the Oscars are the after-parties where the stars mingle to discuss the ceremony. Instead of the traditional Governor's Ball, your school can feature a Principal's Ball for prom revellers to wind down and discuss prom gossip. Hold the Principal's Ball in the high school gym. The school should provide light refreshments, a place for tired promgoers to rest, and activities such as card games and board games. The Principal's Ball should have several adult chaperons and a strict policy against drugs and alcohol. A Principal's Ball may also be a welcome alternative to prom after-parties hosted by students.

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