The best friend gift ideas for women

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Show your best friend why you wouldn't want to go through life without her by presenting her with a special gift. Many online gift stores allow you to customise "best friend" gifts, enabling you to express how you truly feel about the person.

Look for gifts that match what your friend enjoys, such as a wine-and-cheese gift basket for a friend who is a wine connoisseur.

Keepsake Gifts

Give your best girlfriend a personalised keepsake gift she can display around her house. Ideas include personalised glass blocks featuring a selected poem about friendship or a poem written by you. Personalised wooden boxes featuring friendship poems are another option and can also be customised. A glass heart friendship clock featuring words on the beauty of friendship or "Friend of My Heart" wooden heart-shaped boxes are also good options. Also try looking for "Best Friend" water and snow globes.


Look for jewellery gifts with a best-friend theme for your accessory-loving best friend. Ideas include pewter "Best Friend" shareable heart necklaces -- each friend gets half of a heart -- or peanut butter and jelly friendship necklaces for a more lighthearted gift option. One half of the necklace is peanut-buttered bread while the other is jellied bread. More elegant necklace options include sterling silver disks that read, "A friend is someone who knows the song in your heart and can sing it back to you when you have forgotten the words" or sterling silver cuff bracelets that read "My Friend."

Mugs & Glasses

If your best friend is a coffee addict, try finding her a coffee mug that will make her smile. Look for coffee mugs featuring cartoon female characters that read "What Happens with the Girls Stays with the Girls," or choose from a selection of friendship phrases for a mug or write your own. Wine glasses are another gift option, such as a "BFF" (Best Friends Forever) painted wine glass or painted "Girlfriend" glasses featuring paintings of different "girlfriends."

Gift Baskets

While there are a variety of shopping sites featuring all kinds of gift baskets, you can also build your own featuring favourite items of your best friend. For example, a friend who loves expensive beauty and spa products, but will rarely splurge on such items, will enjoy a gift basket filled with her favourite products from assorted manufacturers. Include items like body wash, soap, loofahs, bubble bath and even a new book to read while she's lounging in the tub. Other ideas for gift baskets include gourmet chocolate, wine and cheese, margarita mixes and tequila, craft beer or movie or music collections.