Fimo Christmas ornament projects

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Fimo is a leading brand of polymer clay favoured for its firm formula and well-suited to fine detail work. Since it's colourful and bakes to a durable hardness in a home oven, fimo is ideal for miniature ornaments, such as Christmas decorations.

Bake it at about 130 degrees Celsius (265 degrees Fahrenheit) until it hardens -- about 30 minutes for most small figurines. Create your own fimo holiday pieces in classic holiday shapes to use for this season and many more years to come.

Candy canes

For this craft, pull about a teaspoon of white clay and the same amount of red and roll each into a ball. Roll each ball into a long, thin snake on a smooth, hard work surface. Make each snake about 20 cm (8 inches) long. Lay the two snakes of clay side by side, flush with each other, lined up and touching. They should stick together, but if they don't, gently press them together. Gently twist them to make the candy cane spiral. Curl the top 7.5 cm (3 inches) of the cane to form the crook. Lay the candy cane flat to bake it.


Pull three wads of white clay from the package; one should measure about 1 tsp, one should measure 1/2 tsp, and one should measure 1/3 tsp. Decorate with real twigs for arms, or make white arms from clay "snake" shapes. Decorate with clay "buttons" of red and green or "coal" made from tiny black pieces. If you like, give the snowman a real cloth scarf (just a strip of scrap, glued in place) after you bake it. Either make a stand-up snowman or give him a screw eye through the head before baking to hang him on a Christmas tree.

Gingerbread Man

Make a gingerbread man from fimo in much the same way you would make the real thing. Soften the entire package of brown clay by kneading it in your hands, and roll it out with a clay rolling pin.

Cut out a gingerbread man shape using the cookie cutter. If you don't have a mini gingerbread cookie cutter, print and cut out some clip art and trace around the paper cutout using a needle. Use a thin snake of white clay "frosting" accents on the face and squiggly shapes for cuffs on the wrists and ankles. Make candy buttons from other coloured clays; just make round pieces.

Wreaths and Trees

For a wreath or Christmas tree in fimo, just make a round hoop from a thick green snake (for the wreath) or form a cylinder (for a tree). Give either of these items a rough, piny texture by digging and poking at the clay surface with a large needle. Use white, red and yellow clays to form decorations like ribbons, Christmas balls or stars. Give your tree a trunk made of a small cylinder shape of brown.