Children's charities that help to stop child labor

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The International Labor Organization estimates that there are roughly 246 million children between the ages of 5 and 17 who work in conditions considered exploitative, hazardous or illegal. Poverty is a common reason that children are forced to work around the world.

A large proportion of children work in agriculture, manufacturing and domestic service. Many charities work to stop child labour. These organisations include the International Center on Child Labor and Education, International Labor Rights Forum, Stop Child Labour and Free the Children.

International Center on Child Labor and Education

The International Center on Child Labor and Education (ICCLE) works towards obtaining rights for children throughout the world. Specifically, the ICCLE wants all children to receive a free education as well as to live free of economic exploitation. ICCLE believes that child labour is a major deterrent to ending poverty and ensuring that all children are educated. ICCLE conducts numerous programs on the national level by working with governments, individuals and donors to reduce poverty and end child labour.

International Labor Rights Forum

The International Labor Rights Forum (ILRF) advocates for the humane and just treatment of worker worldwide, including children. Corporations in developed nations often take advantage of developing nations where there are little to no legal protections for the child labourers. The children work long hours in dangerous conditions. Without access to education, these children have little chance of escaping this existence. The ILRF has various campaigns targeting specific intolerable injustices, including the cotton and cocoa industries.

Stop Child Labour

Stop Child Labour aims to achieve its mission of stopping child labour through lobbying, education and increasing awareness. Stop Child Labour is governed by the following principles: child labour results in a denial of education; child labour is unacceptable; governments and international organisations have a duty to prevent actions that perpetrate child labour; and, labour standards must be enforced if child labour is to be effectively prevented.

Free the Children

The mission of Free the Children is to free children around the world from poverty and exploitation, including child labour. Free the Children empowers young people with the knowledge that they can enact change. By providing access to education, Free the Children believes it can begin to break children free of dangerous labour conditions. Free the Children conducts innovative programs in 45 countries. A total of 650 schools have been built around the world, educating 55,000 children every day.