Icebreaker questions & answers

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New situations can make the most gregarious person nervous. New groups who will be spending a significant amount of time together are wise to use an icebreaker activity to kick-start the conversation. Discover questions and answers for icebreaking situations by determining the goals of the group.

Topics About Self

Questions will be asked about individual people, such as, "What is the greatest value that guides your life?" or "What will you be doing 10 years from now?" Answers to these questions will be general or specific, depending on the situation. If the group is relatively unknown, do not give specific answers to questions, opting for general answers that can be narrowed after trust is built within the group. For example, the answers might be, "My greatest value is hard work," and "Ten years from now, I will be recreating a work of art."


Some general situation ice breaker questions are, "What is the greatest crime a person can commit?" or "What is the greatest problem in the United States?" These questions will be answered with more direction, because they are general questions reflecting the morality and political views of the individual.

Imaginary Scenarios

Questions in this category include, "What if an atomic bomb went off and you had 10 minutes to live?" or "If you could be an animal what animal would you be?" The answers to these questions reveal deeper insights regarding the people who answer. The answers may be, "I would jump off a bridge," or "A fierce tiger," and these answers would signify an underlying aggression. Answers such as, "I would call my loved ones," and "A spoiled lapdog" signify a calmer personality.

General Topics

General topics include everything from personal questions such as, "When do you feel most lonely?" to broader topics such as, "What is the greatest music ever composed?" The answers to these questions reflect different aspects of personality, and the answers will open new avenues of conversation. If a person feels most lonely in a crowded room, this may lead to an open conversation to dig deeper into the answer. The greatest music ever composed may be answered with two very different answers, which may spark a debate between two individuals.