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Ideas for a climbing sweet peas trellis

Add cottage charm, sweet fragrance and colourful blooms to your home when you plant sweet pea seeds. Sweet pea vines are vigorous growers that produce attractive green foliage and ruffled, butterfly-shaped flowers in a range of colours, including white, pink, blue, lavender and red. Give your sweet pea vines a trellis, and they'll quickly climb to the top, blooming all the way. Go plain or fancy with your trellis; the choices are many.

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Gate Trellis

Trellises that extend over and above a gate give a grand entry-type feeling to your yard or garden, announcing to your visitors that they've entered a special place. If you plant a few seeds on each side of the trellis, they'll grow overhead and meet in the middle, creating a doorway effect.

Wall Trellis

A large expanse of brick, stucco or siding on your home's exterior calls out for a focal point. A trellis covered with sweet pea vines adds softness, texture and colour, making it a beautiful focal point. Purchase a trellis large and tall enough to fill your space, and then place its legs into the ground near your wall. Depending on the weight of the trellis and your area's wind conditions, you may be able to lean the trellis against your wall. If not, secure it to the wall. Plant a few sweet pea seeds at the base and they'll grow to cover the trellis.


Arrange several long poles into a tepee shape and secure them at the top and at ground level. Plant a few sweet pea seeds at the base of each pole, and before long your kids will have a cosy hideout. Just like a playhouse, their "sweet pea tepee" is the perfect spot for lounging, hiding, reading, playing and daydreaming,


Brighten your mail carrier's day and heighten your home's curb appeal when you use your mailbox post as a sweet pea trellis. Vines and flowers on the post enhance both your mailbox and your home and are positioned for the entire neighbourhood to see and enjoy.

Porch Post

If your home has columns or posts, plant some sweat pea seeds at the base of each post. If your posts are sitting on pavement and there's no ground to dig into nearby, place a large pot at the base of each post and plant a few sweet pea seeds in each pot. These little vines add big-time charm and character to your home's exterior.

Chain-Link Fence

Chain-link fencing is durable and utilitarian but not exactly prized for its beauty. However, when used as a trellis for sweet pea vines, chain link can take on a certain beauty and charm. As the sweet pea vines grow among the links, the plants' foliage and flowers help hide and soften the fence.

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