Wedding Inscription Ideas to Son From Mother

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Personalising a gift with an inscription turns an ordinary item into a keepsake. As a mother, telling your son you wish him the best is a delicate matter that requires understanding both your son and his bride. Avoid statements that maintain the status quo: "I'll be there when you need me," or "You're always welcome back home." Ensure your sentiment acknowledges the wedding as a celebration of a new household and a new life for your child.

Old, New, Borrowed and Blue

An old English rhyme describes items the bring the couple luck on their wedding day. Use this poem to inspire an engraving on a new desk set, blue picture frame or old personal possession, e.g., baby bootees, rattle, hat or wooden toy. Use the opportunity to give your son a bit of motherly advice. Inscribe "Remember your Roots" on a family portrait, "Remember to Have Fun" on a favourite toy or "Never Go to Bed Angry" on a pillow.


Watches are great gifts because they can be custom built from the gears up. Select a base design with features that reflects your son's lifestyle: sleek metal for formal wear, an interchangeable leather strap for casual events or a fully-featured diver's chronometer. Inscribe the watch band or the face, e.g., "Watch Over Her," or "Treasure This Time."

Decanter Set

A gentleman's study is not complete without a stylish decanter set. Have the decanter and glasses inscribed with your son's initials or family crest. For a fee you can have each piece of the set inscribed with a unique word, e.g., "faith," "hope," "patience" and "charity" on the glasses, with "love" on the decanter. Instead of inscribing the decanter set components, consider purchasing a separate tray and having the wood engraved.

Hobby Equipment

If your son is an avid hobbyist, consider purchasing a tool or accessory related to his favourite past-time. Although not traditionally given as a gift, recreational equipment is not as uncommon item on wedding registries. Inscribe a tent tarp with the couple's initials. Purchase a baseball bat with an engraving of your son's name. If the gift itself cannot be engraved consider engraving an accessory such as a paracord bracelet or dog tag. Inscribe the token gift with a short saying "What a Catch" for a fisherman or "Persevere" for a rock-climber.

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