Unusual Gifts for the Woman Who Has Everything

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Some women are exceedingly difficult to buy for, as they already seem to have nearly everything they could possibly want. If you seek the perfect present for a women who already has everything, your best bet is likely to get something unique.

You may just be able to surprise her with something not already present in her vast collection of belongings.

Photo Present

Photo presents transform everyday objects into personalised keepsakes. Take a picture of her favourite pooch and have it printed onto a mouse pad, allowing her to keep Fido close even when she is busy at work. Procure a picture of her children and have them placed on a tote bag or yoga mat, giving her a useful object that reminds her of her beloved family. Because these photo presents are custom-made, they make unusual gifts for the woman who has everything.

Customised Car Decoration

If the woman for whom you are buying a gift is a soccer mom, a proud pet owner or a personal business owner, a customised car decoration may fit the bill. Order some characters to represent her, her husband and her kids that she can place on her car. Get her a magnetised car sign that reads "I Love My..." followed by the breed of dog she fancies so she can make her affinity known. Have a vinyl car decoration printed with her monogram or company logo, which allows her to advertise her services as she drives down the street.

Electronics Skin

If the women who has everything boasts an impressive collection of electronics, buying her a new tech item could be risky. To avoid duplicating something she already has, buy her a skin for one of her existing gadgets. Jot down the make and model of her computer, MP3 player or cell phone, and create a customised skin to cover the gadget. Buy a standard skin featuring her favourite print or colour, or get even more crafty and embellish it with images or phrases that will appeal to her.

Engraved Jewelry Piece

Instead of adding just another generic piece of jewellery to her existing collection, give your gift recipient a customised bauble. Buy her a bracelet, necklace, ring or pair of earrings engraved with her name or monogram. For an even more unusual gift option, engrave jewellery with a quote that reminds you of the recipient.