Birthday Gifts for a 14-Year Old Girl

Girls turning 14 years old are at an impressionable stage in life, forming friendships, establishing a personal style and deciding on what their future will hold. Deciding on a gift for them can be tricky, as styles and trends are constantly changing. Research the teen's sizes and styles and decide upon something you know will light up their face with a smile.


You can buy several electronics gifts for a 14-year-old for her birthday. Music players, portable reading devices and laptop computers will make any young teen smile. Popular items include electronic tablets such as iPads, MP3 players such as iPods and any of a variety of e-book readers, which you can purchase online or from retailers such as Wal-Mart or Best Buy.

Gift Card

A gift card will make a well-appreciated gift to a 14-year-old girl, as she will be able to pick out something she want. Choose a clothing store she shops at or at a popular national store such as Old Navy, Target or Abercrombie, which carry many styles that will appeal to almost anyone. Other gift cards that a 14-year-old will like are to bookstores or electronic stores or a general prepaid Visa or MasterCard she can use like cash on anything she likes.


Fashion is very important to 14-year-olds, as they are just beginning to define their personal style. An ideal gift would be jeans, shorts or tops that fit the style of clothing she currently wears. Depending on the season, a coat, hooded sweatshirt or swimming costume would appropriate.


Accessories are popular with young teen girls who often wear multiple bracelets, necklaces and rings. There are a wealth of choices at retailers such as Target, Claire's and Kohl's geared towards young girls. A small fashionable purse is a welcome addition to 14-year-old girls' wardrobes, as they are at the age where they start to need to carry one.

Cell Phone

Girls turning 14 are at the age when communication to their parents and friends is very important. A cell phone will enable to communicate and be used for safety. Prepaid cell phones are ideal for young adults, as they teach them to be responsible and manage their minutes. Varieties of phones are available at many big-box stores, including popular texting and touchscreen phones.

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