How Do I Remove Small Dents in Cars?

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There will be many instances where a small dent might blemish the surface of your car. A small bird may hit your car while speeding down a highway, a random shopping trolley may come out of nowhere and hit the side of your vehicle, or a voluptuous friend might sit on the hood of the car and create a small dent. Most small dents can be easily fixed with some handy tools laying around your home. Popping out and removing a small dent will require quick hands a bit of coordination.


Park the car near an electrical socket in your garage. If you have your vehicle parked in a parking facility in a residential building, then park near an outlet, using an extension cord if need be. Plug a hair dryer into an open socket.

Pour some warm water into a bucket using a faucet or garden hose. Pour detergent into the bucket and gently splash the surface, making sure that a rich soapy foam forms. If there is no foam, pour in some more detergent.

Clean the Dent

Carry the bucket over to the car and put on a pair of plastic gloves. Dip a large sponge or towel into the cleaning solution and buff away any dirt, grime, or contaminants on the centre of the dent. If there is compacted dirt, use a wet sponge and allow it to soak on the surface for a few minutes. Use a car brush to gently brush away all the loosened dirt. Gently wipe away moisture with a dry towel.

Hot and Cold

Power up the hair dryer to its hottest setting. Direct the hair dryer into the centre of the dent. Keeps the nozzle facing toward the dent for a few minutes, making sure that the hair dryer is just a few inches from the car's surface.

After a minute, swiftly turn off the hair dryer. Grab the canister of air and press on the trigger. Blast the air onto the dent, focusing on the area toward the middle of the dent. Keep blasting the canister of air until you hear a distinct popping sound, with the dent subsequently popping out.

The hot air will warm up the molecules of the steel. The air from the can is very cold, subsequently interacting with the hot steel. The molecules on the metal will contract; this will cause the dent to pop out.

Clean Up

Allow any frothy or icy crystals to dissipate. Grab the sponge from the bucket and gently wipe the surface, making sure to remove any particles.

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