Cool ideas for small bedrooms

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While some may see a small bedroom as an inconvenience, others enjoy the challenges that come with size constraints. There are a number of ways to stretch small rooms. From practical storage options to keep a small room free of clutter to design ideas that make a room appear larger, a big imagination is a small bedroom's best friend.

Paint Colors

The colours you choose to paint a small bedroom can effect whether the room looks large or small. Cooler colours, such as greens and blues, can make a small bedroom appear larger. Just like wearing vertical stripes can make you look taller, the same goes for a small bedroom. Painting vertical accent stripes on the walls of a small bedroom can be give it the illusion of having higher ceilings.

Storage Options

Lack of storage room is a common problem in small bedrooms. Simply use a table with shelves underneath and place a skirt over the top of it to create instant storage space.

Under-the-bed storage is another way to store clothing, shoes and more. A bed skirt is a way to add another design element and hide under-the-bed storage at the same time.

A cabinet can double as a dresser and entertainment system for your television, stereo and clothing. An armoire is another options that allows you to keep items hidden behind doors when they're not in use.

Furniture Choices

For a small child's or young adult's bedroom, a bunk bed is a way to create more usable floor space. Some bunk beds even come with a built-in desk under the bed.

Another space saving piece of furniture for a small room is a futon, which serves as a couch by day and a bed at night.

Incorporating a headboard into the room can also provide a place for books and trinkets without taking up much extra space.

Wall D├ęcor

In smaller spaces, keeping things simple and clutter free makes for a more usable space. As for wall decor, there are many peel and stick wall decorations that do not take up extra space, but still allow for personal expression in the room.

Another creative way to put your stamp in a room, as well as make it look bigger, is by using mirrors as wall decor Mirrors give the illusion of depth and reflect light to give a more open look.

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