What Can I Do About Birds Eating My Grass Seeds?

Canadian goose resting on a lawn image by Jim Mills from Fotolia.com

Sprinkling grass seed on bare or patchy spots is one of the cheapest and easiest ways to achieve a bright green lawn. However, birds also often view the seeds as an easy meal. They may fly down and steal the grass seed if you don't take precautions. With proper sowing of the seeds and by deploying a few distractions, you can keep birds away from grass seeds.

Proper Seed Sowing

Rake the seeds into the soil and further cover them using a seed roller. This pushes the seeds down into the topsoil where the birds can't reach them. Cover the lawn with a layer of mulch, such as straw. This not only adds another barrier to keep birds from getting the seeds but also helps the lawn grow faster. Do not just toss the seed on the ground and leave it. Not only does it lessen the chances of the seed germinating, but it also increases the risk that the birds will steal it.

Scare Tactics

Hang reflective objects around the lawn to keep birds away from the seed. The birds will see light reflecting off the objects, view it as a warning of danger and therefore will not land and steal the seed. Tie long streamers of flash tape so that it flutters in the breeze, or hang CDs from stakes so that the sun will reflect off the shiny surfaces. Noisemakers, such as old tin cans, will also deter birds from your lawn.


Home improvement stores and garden shops sell lawn ornaments that look like animals. Purchase decoys of natural enemies to the birds that reside where you live. Place the ornaments around the lawn. The birds will stay away from the grass seed out of fear. However, you can fool the birds only for a while until they realise the predator is a fake. Keep changing the decoys to keep the birds guessing.

Chemical Repellent

Spray chemical repellents on the grass seed to keep birds away. The smell or taste deters the birds from eating the seeds or even coming near the lawn. Some chemicals used include Methiocarb, Anthraquinone and Avitrol. Capsaicin, found in capsicum peppers, repels birds naturally without chemicals. Use diluted hot sauce as a spray for the lawn. Caffeine will also repel birds.

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