The best cutting-in paint tools

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Choosing the best paint tools for a house painting project is an important consideration to make. Cutting-in ceiling lines and moulding using the wrong brush or tool results in wavy paint lines and excessive work hours. Using the right size paint brush for your painting project saves an incredible amount of time and produces quality results.

2-inch Sash Paint Brush

A 2-inch sash paint brush is versatile and best for cutting-in ceiling lines and window sashes. The unique angular shape of the brush makes it easier to achieve a perfectly straight line while cutting-in a ceiling from corner to corner. The 2-inch width of the brush leaves a wide enough strip of paint on the wall for a paint roller to easily reach. Unlike a wider 3-inch brush, the 2-inch brush makes brush marks less noticeable after the room is painted. The brush is also lightweight, and the smaller handle fits comfortably in the hand.

1-inch Paint Brush

The angled 1-inch paint brush is best for reaching into tight corners and niches. The small brush size fits perfectly in between toilet plumbing, wall spaces in between cabinets, and intricate wood trim within windows and French door glass. The angular shape of the bristles also comes in handy for cutting-in tight lines and corners on odd-shaped ceilings where a larger paint brush does not fit. The smaller size of a 1-inch paint brush allows for faster cleaning and fits nicely inside a tool bag.

Paint Edger

A paint edger is a handy painting tool suitable for those who cannot keep a steady hand while cutting-in walls with a paint brush. The paint edger does not require the use of painters tape and provides a perfectly straight line for ceilings and edges of moulding. The pad on the underside of the edger holds a sufficient amount of paint. Most edgers come with small wheels attached to the bottom for easy application and mobility while cutting-in larger rooms. The pad is dipped into paint and pulled along wall edges.

4-inch Wall Brush

Large 4-inch wall brushes hold a lot of paint within the bristles and provide more paint coverage in less time than smaller paint brushes with fewer bristles. A 4-inch paint brush is the best choice for a large interior or exterior painting project involving extensive cutting. The large amount of bristles also makes the brush very useful for cutting-in porous or textured exterior surfaces, such as wood trim or masonry. Wall brushes come in a flat shape, or angular shape for easier cutting.

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