Outdoor Patio Bar Ideas

tiki bar image by Kelly Kane from Fotolia.com

On those hot summer nights, heading outside to your outdoor patio bar for a cold drink can be refreshing. A patio bar is especially useful if you entertain large groups of people frequently such as by hosting a backyard barbecue or potluck.

Let the style of your outdoor bar reflect the vibe and atmosphere you aim for in the patio area.

Modern Bar

A modern outdoor patio bar can add a sleek, laid-back vibe to an area ideal for unwinding in style. Stick to clean lines and industrial materials such as concrete, glass and stainless steel. If you have the option for electrical wiring in the area, consider adding some form of distinctive lighting. For example, if the bar top is made of glass, put lights that change colour underneath it to add a clublike feel. Furniture around the bar such as a stainless steel patio set or pair of barstools can tie the modern theme of the space together.

Tropical Bar

Add a tropical bar to your outdoor patio for a party atmosphere. Tiki bars are a classic way to add a touch of the beach to your yard and are available in sizes perfect for a patio. You could also create your own by taking an ordinary wood bar and adding a row of bamboo to the front. A tiki bar also has a thatched roof, which can provide some protection in bad weather.

Matching Your House

An outdoor patio bar that matches your house helps to tie the space in with the exterior of the building. Having this type of patio bar could be as simple as using the same building materials for the structure, such as by covering it with brick, stucco or siding. You could also opt for something more structurally complex and make it a covered bar with a matching roof line and shingles. Consider building the roof coming directly off of the house so you could use the bar even when it's raining.

Classic Bar

Turn your patio into a scene from another era by installing an outdoor bar made of mahogany or walnut. This type of bar goes well with just about any patio material from concrete to pavers, and the richly coloured woods lend a sophisticated appeal. Opt for one with ornate designs or stick to a simple finish. Either way, be sure to add a weatherproof sealant to the surface to protect it. Covering it when not in use will also help to add protection.