The Best Second Jobs for Teachers

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Teaching has never been a very lucrative profession, and many teachers are overworked and underpaid for the job they do. Often teachers find that they need to work a second job to support their families, which they can do in their spare time or during the summer vacation months.

While second job opportunities for teachers vary widely depending on a teacher's qualifications and interests, certain jobs are particularly well suited to the average teacher's skill set.


Tutoring allows teachers to work one-on-one with students who need extra help in a given academic subject or are preparing for a test such as the SAT. Qualified after school tutors are constantly in demand, especially in big cities. Work is available during after-school hours and during the summer, when many kids hire tutors so they can catch up or maintain what they've learnt during the school year. Tutors can help struggling students immensely and help build confidence. Most tutors make an hourly wage that's usually quite low, though opportunities for pay raise do exist and those with lots of experience teaching can expect to make more than beginner teachers. A tutor's schedule tends to be quite flexible.

Camp Counselor

Many kids attend camp during the summer to broaden their horizons, make new friends and learn new skills. Teachers generally make excellent camp counsellors because they have experience working with kids in an educational environment. Teachers may even be able to find a camp counsellor position teaching the same subject that they teach during the year, such as natural science or drama. Being a camp counsellor allows you to be outdoors, meet other educators and people who enjoy working with kids, develop your teaching talents and make extra income during the summer. Counsellors who work at sleep away camps usually have free room and board.


Librarians work in a very similar field to teachers, and their job is well suited to teachers looking for a secondary career. Librarians help people find and check books out, perform research and use various educational technologies. Libraries are quiet, academic environments that can be a nice change for teachers who are used to controlling a busy classroom full of kids throughout the year. Working as librarians, teachers get to do what they love most, which is help people learn. Experienced librarians can make good money and generally work very reasonable, regular hours.

Tour Guide

Being a tour guide at a museum, historical site, cultural centre or other such arena is a great way for teachers to make extra cash and gain experience in the academic realm. Tour guides really are teachers but perform their job outside of a classroom. Like teachers, they are comfortable speaking to a large audience and answering questions about the paintings, sculptures, artefacts and other things that they're showing to visitors. Tour guides usually make a base salary plus tips.