Breakfast foods for 9 month old babies

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The diet of a 9-month-old baby is in a state of transition, as she is eating some solid foods while still making breast milk or formula a staple of her diet. According to BabyCenter, your 9 month old should be eating solid food three times a day.

Breakfast time should be one of these three meals, and learning some easy and nutritious breakfast foods for your 9 month old can provide her with a healthy start to her day.

Dried Cereal

Dried cereal is one easy go-to food for your baby in the morning. Stick with whole grain cereals that have vitamins, minerals and fibre to add to your baby's health. Make sure to avoid sugary cereals and cereals that flake, such as shredded wheat, which can be difficult for your baby to swallow.


Fruit is another option that can also be paired with dried cereal. At 9 months, your baby may not have developed enough to chew on hard fruits like apples, so stick with fruits that his tender gums can chew. Sliced or mashed bananas, avocados, grapes, oranges and apricots are all good fruits. Another idea is to use a food processor and make your own baby food fruit purées. You can even use a few kinds of fruit.

  • Fruit is another option that can also be paired with dried cereal.
  • You can even use a few kinds of fruit.


Eggs are a protein-packed breakfast food that your baby can enjoy, as they are generally soft and chewy. Scramble an egg with a little cheese to add some calcium. Another idea is to hard boil an egg and slice it into four or five pieces for your baby to pick up and munch on.


Plain yoghurt is another yummy idea that you and your 9-month-old baby can enjoy together. Pair yoghurt with some fresh fruit or dried cereal. If you want to mix fruit or cereal into yoghurt, make sure that they are in small pieces your baby can easily chew and swallow.


Tofu is another food that works well for a baby who has dairy allergies, or if your home in general is non-dairy. Mix crumbles of soft tofu with an egg substitute or some cut or mashed veggies like sweet potatoes or tiny carrots. Another idea is to season tofu with a little bit of sweet fruit juice or hearty vegetable juice.