Solutions to an uncomfortable sofa bed mattress

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A sofa bed is a convenient way to offer sleeping arrangements to accommodate guests. Ranging in size from a twin mattress to a king size, sofa beds fold out to reveal a metal bed with a thin piece of mattress in between. While they are certainly convenient, they are not always the most comfortable piece of furniture. There are several ways to make a sofa bed more comfortable for guests, especially if it is being used long term.


If you have the means and the time to search, one option is to replace the sofa bed mattress. Over time, mattresses can get so warped and worn that they simply cannot be made more comfortable. This is the most expensive solution, but it can also be the simplest and the most reliable. Measure your bed to determine what size you need. Be sure to only buy a sofa bed mattress that is thick enough to add comfort, but thin enough to fold easily between the metal frame. Mattresses can be found in online stores, or you can contact the manufacturer of your sofa.

Foam Covers

Foam covers are versatile and affordable options for improving the sofa bed sleeping experience. Cover the sofa bed mattress with a foam cover. Many can be found at home supply and bedding stores. Egg crate foam is an inexpensive and readily available option. It can be layered over the mattress and under the fitted sheet to add extra comfort to the sofa bed mattress when it is use. To prevent the foam from getting too warped, remove it from the bed and store it before putting the bed away.

DIY Fixes

Another affordable option is to improve the integrity of the sofa bed mattress with new foam and cotton batting. This involves cutting open the mattress and insertimg new foam and batting as desired. This is the most difficult solution, but it is an inexpensive way to revitalise an old mattress. Use a sharp blade to cut the edge of the top layer of mattress bedding. Slide a piece of soft 2-inch upholstery foam into mattress. Add cotton batting for extra comfort. Sew the fabric closed.


Sometimes the quality of the mattress is adequate, but the metal pieces of the frame can still be a nuisance. If this is the case, wood may be your best option. Lay pieces of plywood over the springs beneath the mattress. This will alleviate some of the pressure of sleeping directly on the metal folds of the bed frame. Of course, you must remove the wood pieces before folding up the bed and store them elsewhere.

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