Engagement gifts from parents

golden bow image by Pix by Marti from Fotolia.com

Most parents think about the time when their child will get married from the moment the child is born. When your child gets engaged, choose a special gift for both your child and her intended. Choose something that can be a special keepsake, or something that she can use when she is planning the wedding.

Wedding Gift

Rather than choosing a traditional wedding gift for your engaged child, consider helping to pay for the wedding. Some parents pay for the entire wedding, but others do not. If you are not able to pay for the whole wedding, choose to help with part of it as your engagement gift. For example, pay for your daughter's wedding dress. If your son has a favourite local band that he wants to play at his reception, foot the bill for that.


Give your newly engaged daughter a gift basket filled with scrapbooking items. She can create a special scrapbook to document everything that happens during her engagement, from the proposal to wedding showers and planning the wedding. Fill a basket with a blank scrapbook, extra scrapbook pages, acid-free construction paper, markers, a glue stick, scissors, stickers and other things that she can use to create a scrapbook.

Engraved Item

Consider giving your son an engraved item that he and his wife can treasure throughout their marriage. For example, have a picture frame engraved with their names and the date they were engaged. They can put a picture of the two of them just after their engagement in the frame. You can also engrave two champagne flutes for your son and his wife, or a picture album.


Throw an engagement party for your child, rather than purchasing a tangible gift. That way, your child and future spouse can celebrate with all of their friends. Throw a traditional cocktail party at your home. You could also host a dinner party at a local restaurant. Alternatively, have a more laid-back engagement party by hosting a backyard barbecue for the couple and their closest friends and family members.