Ideas for Birthday Gifts for Mum

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Choosing a gift for your mum's birthday is a once-in-a-year opportunity to show her how you feel about her. Look at your mum's hobbies and interests for possible birthday gift ideas. Budget how much you want to spend on the gift or decide if you want to make a gift.

As her birthday approaches, ask your mum for a wish list to get an idea of what she would like as a gift.


Homemade birthday gifts require a little advanced planning, but may also be the most personal to give as a gift. Make a birthday cake for Mum, followed by a basket of cookies or muffins. A certificate for a week's worth of homemade meals by you is an option that doesn't require advance planning. A tied fleece blanket, scarf, hat or pillow, featuring a special print that has a connection to your mum, is a functional, fun gift.


Indoor or outdoor recreational activities that your mum participates in can generate ideas for a birthday gift. If she is a hiking enthusiast, buy her a light backpack or other hiking supplies. If she is a swimmer, buy her a yearlong membership to a local community centre or fitness facility with pool access. If she likes working out, make her a personal gift token to take her out to lunch followed by shopping for a pair of work out shoes.


Depending the time of year of your mum's birthday, seasonally themed gifts give a different twist to the standard birthday gift. Snowflake or poinsettia themed jewellery might be an option for a winter birthday. A spring birthday could include seeds or supplies for gardening. Tie flowers, food or gift tokens to the appropriate season.

Store Bought

Store bought gifts are one of the most common ways to find gifts for your mum. Knowing a hobby or interest that is special to her can yield a variety of gift ideas to purchase within your price range. For example, if you know your mum loves reading mystery books by a certain author, you can find the names of the books the author has written and where to purchase one online or if a nearby bookstore carries it.