Strongest Long-Lasting Denture Adhesives

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Denture adhesive can make or break the strength of a pair of dentures. Denture adhesive that is strong and long-lasting is important to a denture wearer because they can go all day without their dentures becoming loose or falling out. There are many denture adhesives on the market that provides long-lasting hold. Denture adhesive can come in the form of a cream or strips, giving wearers the option to use the one that is most comfortable to them.

Secure Denture Adhesive

Secure Denture Adhesive is a non water-soluble. This denture adhesive creates a strong, long-lasting bond between the denture and the gum. The adhesive comes in two forms: adhesive cream and adhesive cushion strips. If you are uncomfortable with how the adhesive cream feels, you can use the cushion strips to attach the denture. It is recommended that the adhesive cream be used sparingly, so it can last.

Fixodent Control

Fixodent's Control adhesive comes in cream form. The container has nozzle tip, which allows you to apply the adhesive thinly on the denture without wasting it. This denture adhesive gives an airtight seal, so you can eat and drink comfortably.

Sea-Bond Denture Adhesive

Sea-Bond Denture Adhesive comes in the form of strips, which gives you the option of using an adhesive that is not creamy against your gums. Sea-Bond contains an odour fighter that keeps your breath fresh while you are using dentures. When applying the Sea-Bond denture adhesive, moisten and place the coloured strip on the denture itself and then apply the denture to your gums.

Super Poligrip Denture Adhesive

Super Poligrip's Comfort Seal Strips provide strong all-day hold. The package contains 40 strips for upper and lower dentures. To apply the denture securely onto the gums, strips must be placed on the three sides of the denture. This placement will provide the denture wearer with an airtight seal, preventing liquid or food from getting in between.

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