Aviation Research Paper Topics

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Aviation is a huge field with myriad statistics and data. Even if you are not a pilot, aircraft owner, or mechanic, there is something in the aviation industry that affects you.

There are many sub-fields in aviation that make for research paper topics, including air travel safety, impact on rural economy, health and fuel costs.

Air Travel Safety

Obsession about air travel safety is nothing new. Statistics are used to convince people to fly who may otherwise be afraid or cautious. Comparing general aviation and commercial aviation safety to the safety of other modes of transportation can easily fill a research paper. Consider that you are more likely to be injured on a short drive to the airport than you would be flying cross-country, and use this statistic to write a research paper.

Rural Economy

Rural economy is a topic not often touched on in aviation research. Many small, rural towns still rely on aviation for express packages, supplies and even medical transportation. As the economy has hit hard times, shrinking rural aviation has threatened the economy of remote areas that rely on planes for deliveries. Consider writing about the severe economic impact on small towns as rural airports close in record numbers.


Many health issues surround aviation, affecting pilots and passengers alike. Pilots, for example, are much more prone to skin cancers when flying at high altitudes repeatedly for extended periods of time, some studies have shown. Additionally, passengers with blood clotting problems need to take special precaution to move and stretch during flight to prevent life-threatening illness. When writing a research paper on aviation health, be sure to include risks across demographics and include pilots, passengers and airport personnel.

Fuel Costs

Rising fuel costs have been the source of both hardship and scientific research. Aviation fuel, including 100LL Avags (leaded gasoline) and JetA (kerosene) fuels, usually costs 30 per cent more per gallon than automotive gasoline. Prices continue to increase, affecting air travel prices. Consider writing about the impact of fuel prices on consumers as well as the impact on small airports.